car with dents from hail


car with dents from hail

Paintless dent repair is a method used to restore a car’s body to look as good as new using environmentally-friendly techniques. It is used to remove dents and dings from cars. It can also help eliminate creases and hail damage from the body of your car.

Paintless dent repair has no requirements for sanding or the use of fillers. The dent repair technique is an effective and inexpensive way of restoring the initial beautiful look of your car when you first bought it. Whether your car has minor damages or major ones, it is the right method to revamp your car’s appearance.

How Paintless Dent Repair Works to Restore Your Car’s Beauty

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Paintless dent repair technicians worldwide restore vehicles to their original factory condition every single day. They work without compromising the original painted finish of your car. The technicians work to help restore your car’s pre-damaged condition.

A paintless dent repair process involves four major steps:

1- Assessing damage

Assessing the extent of damage on your car is the first step in the repair process. How big or small is the dent? Where can the dent be found? How can you get to the dent?

Ask yourself these questions before embarking on the repair process. After assessing damage, it is important to determine if the repair work can be done effectively. Next, prepare the dent area for repair.

2- Gaining entry to the dent

Gaining entry to the dent means removing body panels of your car, tail lights and interior panels to access its backside. Paintless dent repair requires access to the dent to improve its performance. After gaining access to the dent, trained auto technicians undertake paintless dent repair.

3- Getting a better look 

Dent review or analysis involves a technician using a light board to look for dents in need of repair. The light board functions to illuminate the dent and its surrounding areas during assessment and repair. It helps the technician to determine where to place his tools for complete massage of your car’s body for an original look.

4- Applying pressure slowly so the dent can work. 

Apply pressure slowly to allow the dent to work as the last step in paintless dent repair. Special types of equipment are used to massage your car’s body.

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Before the invention of paintless dent repair, traditional dent repair fills were used to repair damaged cars. The method involved the use of paints and body fillers matching the exterior of damaged cars. Although repaired cars looked as good as new, the technique didn’t fix the actual dent sustainably for a long-lasting effect.

The traditional method was time-consuming, expensive and even affected the resale value of repaired cars. Therefore, paintless dent repair is the most effective method of restoring your car’s beauty as it cares for your car’s exterior, atop being affordable and durable.

Depending on the severity of damage on the dent, paintless dent repair is offered as same day service.

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