black acura being detailed

Providing top of the line car, truck, SUV, and 3rd row lifted dually Detailing is how we have serviced Colorado Springs for Many Years.  Our Platinum Detailing Package includes:

Supreme Hand Wash Service + Bug & Tar Removal
Clay Bar Exterior To Remove All Above Surface Contaminates 
Light Polish & Wax To Restore Paint
Meguiar’s® Premium Paint Sealant
Clean & Condition All Weather Stripping
Clean & Dress Engine
Shampoo Carpets & Floor Mats + Clean Headliner
Shampoo Fabrics or Clean &
Condition Leather
Interior Cleaning (cracks, crevices, vents included)
Dress & Protect All Interior Surfaces
Detail Wheels + Premium Tire Shine
Two Stage Clay & Machine Polish + Wax

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